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At Watson Records we are always looking for rare and vintage classical records, CDs & vintage audio equipment. If you are interested in selling your collection please get in touch. 


Vinyl Records

Classical LP dealers, Watson Records, are always looking for rare and collectable vinyl records. We are buying records and selling records, both single records and collections so if you have any that you think would be of interest to us then please fill in our enquiry form with just a few details and we will be in contact with your shortly. If you are unsure of whether your collection is valuable or not see our Guide to classical records.


CD collections

Good quality well cared for CD collections wanted.  All genres of classical music wanted.  Although full price major labels are more highly prized by collector Watson Records also acquires low and medium priced compact discs.  Please email or complete the contact form and we will respond promptly with an offer.




Our music equipment sales range from Hi-Fis, record players and gramaphones to turntables and speakers. If you have any vintage audio equipment that you would like to sell we would love to hear from you so please contact our expert team who will assess the equipments quality and maintenance.


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