If you have a question about a Watson Records product or service, you may find the answer you need in our frequently asked questions. Please select one of the links to the left for specific FAQ questions.

1. What is the condition of the records?

All records are graded and we only select the best items to list.  Only records, which are rare and valuable, are listed in less than perfect condition.

Condition Codes:-

MINT sealed and unused
MINT- played between 0-5 times
NM near mint condition that may have a few very light marks which will not sound. This should satisfy most collectors
NM- slightly less than NM
EX+ more marks and/or some wear, there may be sounding marks
EX even more marks that will sound, exoect the record to have ticks
VG many marks, scratches and wear. Only used for rare records


2. How long will it take to receive a record?

For UK expect the record within one week of ordering

For outside UK expect to receive the record within three weeks (we only use airmail shipping)

3. Do you have a returns policy?

Yes – return the record within 28 days of receiving for a full refund.  You will have to pay the return shipping post and please use original packaging.

4. Do you list all the equipment you have for sale?

No.  If there are items of interest please use the contact form to send the enquiry through.  Prices vary according to condition

5. Is the equipment you sell guaranteed?

Yes. You will receive a 12 month guarantee

6. Why do you only offer such a narrow range of equipment?

We want to offer what we believe is the best sounding equipment which matches perfectly with vintage records.

7. How much do you pay for records?

We pay different amounts according to the item and condition.

8. Can you buy entire collections?

Yes. Provided there are things of interest to us or the collection is greater than 500.

9. What information do you require to make an offer?

The most important information is the catalogue number, without this we can only provide an estimate based on the information provided to us.

10. Do you pay carriage costs when buying a collection?

Yes.  We will pay and arrange for all transport

11. Do you view collections?

Only if the collection appears to be of significant interest

12. Do you purchase individual items?

Yes we buy single rare items.

13. What records do you pay the highest prices for?

Records from the 1950s & 1960s on the major labels with the most collectible artists e.g. Decca SXL2000 series Columbia SAX series HMV ASDxxx series. Collectible artists: Martzy, Rabin, Kogan, Neveu, De Vito, Haendel etc.

14. Do you buy all old audio equipment?

 No. We only buy collectible vintage equipment. Please browse the Hi Fi Corner to see examples of sought after items.

15. Do you service all audio equipment?

 No. We only service vintage audio equipment like the items listed in Hi Fi Corner

16. Are the prices for servicing fixed?

 No. We will try to provide an accurate estimate. If the costs are going to be significantly more we will advise prior to starting work

17. Where are the items serviced?

 We use our audio lab in Japan which we believe is one of the best in the world.

18. Do you use new parts during the service?

 We try to use only original parts where possible. We do not make any modifications or “improvements”

19. Do you offer re-tipping for cartridges?

 Yes. We specialise in old Ortofon cartidges

20. Do you sell cheap budget classical records?

 Yes. These are available in minimum quantities of 10,000LPs