Selling your records

1. How much do you pay for records?

We pay different amounts according to the item and condition.

2. Can you buy entire collections?

Yes. Provided there are things of interest to us or the collection is greater than 500.

3. What information do you require to make an offer?

The most important information is the catalogue number, without this we can only provide an estimate based on the information provided to us.

4. Do you pay carriage costs when buying a collection?

Yes.  We will pay and arrange for all transport

5. Do you view collections?

Only if the collection appears to be of significant interest

6. Do you purchase individual items?

Yes we buy single rare items.

7. What records do you pay the highest prices for?

Records from the 1950s & 1960s on the major labels with the most collectible artists e.g. Decca SXL2000 series Columbia SAX series HMV ASDxxx series. Collectible artists: Martzy, Rabin, Kogan, Neveu, De Vito, Haendel etc.